VADO Policies
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VADO Policies


Tuition and costume payments must be made by the deadlines posted on the tuition page of our website in order for students to continue with classes, take home costumes, and participate in the recital.

Expectations for behavior and attendance

  1. In the event there are behavioral concerns such as disrupting class for failing to follow instructions, the instructor may choose to have the student sit with VADO staff. If concerning behavior continues, the instructor and/or staff may speak with the child’s parent. Bullying or physically aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. The safety of our students is of utmost priority as well as all dancers having a pleasing and productive experience.
  2. Students are expected to arrive for class on time wearing proper class attire and hair.
  3. Students are expected to participate in regular weekly classes, tech week rehearsals, dress rehearsal, and both recital performances.  By registering and participating in courses, students and families recognize this a a priority.

Note to Parents

  1. In an effort to maintain VADO’s positive and encouring atmosphere at all times, we ask that parents arrange a time to speak with our office staff or Executive Director if concerns of any kind arise. We ask that these discussions occur away from our dancers and public spaces.
  2. We love feedback from parents and are very happy to hear whatever input you may have. Some of our best ideas have come from our dance parents!

Facility use Policies

Studio rental – Rental cost of the studio is $25/hour plus the cost of staff if space is rented during off hours. VADO space will only be rented to organizations or individuals we deem to have a simliar statement of purpose.

Studio rental by non-profit group – Rental cost of the studio is $10/hour plus the cost of staff if during off hours for non-profit organizations.

Private lessons – For private lessons with a VADO instructor, the cost will be a $5 studio fee plus the instructor fee (amount to be determined by VADO instructor).

Payment – All payments for facility use are to be paid to VADO

Late Fee

*A $15 late fee will be applied to the dancer’s account if fees are not paid by posted deadline.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Policy

Drop-off and pick-up policy – Dancers can be let off at the studio as much as but not more than 15 minutes before class to allow time to get ready for class. After class we ask that dancers be picked up within 5 minutes of class finishing. We understand that occasional problems arise preventing prompt pick-up, however it does create a burden for staff or instructors for dancers to remain in the studio beyond that five minute pick-up window. If a dancer is repeatedly left waiting, we will contact his/her parent as a courtesy. If the abuse of staff time continues, we will then apply a $1/minute fee to the dancer’s account.